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You'll Call It Home

e-Book ISBN: 978-1-938350-40-5
Words: 79,928 (approximate)
Pages: 290 (approximate)
Published: June 9, 2016

*~*~* Blurb *~*~*

Eliza Kingston's small town seems to come to life when the rich single stranger pulls his red Jaguar into her diner's parking lot. No one from out of town visits Heartflower, Wisconsin, unless they know Ray Kingston, Eliza's dead husband's evil grandfather.

Jasper Radford is a successful architect, working with his very wealthy father to build amusement parks, resorts, and office buildings. On his way from Florida to Montana, he stops his red Jaguar in the tiny town of Heartflower, Wisconsin, for a good meal and gas for his car.

One chance meeting will bring two hearts together and change the town of Heartflower forever.


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