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In the Twinkle of Christmas

e-Book ISBN: 978-1-938350-37-5
Words: 48,009 (approximate)
Pages: 184 (approximate)
Published: December 19, 2015

*~*~* Blurb *~*~*

3 magic wishes
2 lonely singles
1 matchmaking Santa …

Mix perfectly for a fun romance!

Hope Twinkle, half of the child-acting duo of the Twinkle Twins, is running away, after her boyfriend proposes to her sister, and will be marrying on Christmas Eve. Hope ends up in Snowflake, Wyoming, where she meets Santa at Kringle's Coffee Shop. He knows exactly who she is, and gives her a magical penny. Santa disappears, but Hope has to find him.

She runs out of the shop and bowls over Dr. Daniel Graham, a psychiatrist. She tells him she's looking for Santa, and he thinks she's a homeless person who needs psychoanalyzing.

Needless to say, Christmas won't be quite the same this year, when Hope finds out the penny can grant wishes.


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