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Touchdowns & Potions

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Touchdowns and Potions book cover

Real estate agent Jenna Steele has been chosen to sell professional quarterback Andy McKnight's huge home in order to make enough money to send her adopted sister to a prestigious university. But she hates professional athletes, considering them lazy and playboys in real life while making millions for entertainment purposes. When he convinces her he does have a heart and a conscience, she falls in love with the man who drives her crazy and doesn't wear a watch. There's only one problem--Jenna's wrists have been splashed with a home remedy love potion by an older client, and now all men are falling at her feet, willing to kill to date her. She knows that once the love potion wears off, Andy will be gone and she'll be forced to find a job out of state just to survive the bombardment of the paparazzi and Andy's friends.

ISBN: 978-1-4523-2383-1
Words: 71926 (approximate)
Pages: 256 (approximate)
Published: Aug. 19, 2010

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Reviewed at (no longer on the blog) Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Review - Touchdowns and Potions by Markee Anderson
Title: Touchdowns and Potions
Author: Markee Anderson
Rating: You Need to Read
Reviewed by: Val

Real estate agent Jenna Steele has to sell pro quarterback Andy McKnight's huge home. She hates professional athletes. When he convinces her he does have a heart, she falls in love with the man. There's only one problem—Jenna's been splashed with a love potion and now men are falling at her feet. Once the potion wears off, Andy will be gone and she'll be forced to find another job out of state to get away from the paparazzi.

In Touchdowns and Potions, we meet Andy McKnight, football superstar and every woman's dream. He's used to getting what he wants so when he meets real estate agent Jenna Mathis, he's in for a fight. Jenna's character is driven, strong and is a woman who knows what she wants or at least thinks she knows what she wants. The fact that Andy has to fight to show Jenna how he feels is the obstacle that makes this story so exciting. Throw in paparazzi, a crazy old lady, a love potion that turns men aggressive and a very nasty ex girlfriend and you get one hilarious read.

Touchdowns and Potions was such a fun book and I found myself laughing out loud. The unruly adventures that Jenna experienced were entertaining and made this book a page turner. This was the kind of book you pick up to escape the real world and leave remembering the funny characters and events that took place. You won't walk away from it without laughing. I found this book to be emotional at times with humorous moments that kept the story interesting. I am very interested in reading more of Ms. Anderson's work. She writes in a way that I can relate to. I definitely recommend Touchdowns and potions. It's an extremely funny book with twists and turns throughout the book. ~ Posted by Val Pearson at 7:25 AM

Copyright © 2010- Markee Anderson
All Rights Reserved.